Project Overview

Little Ninjaz NFTs is an NFT project that will be developed in 3 stages or Versions, V1, V2 & V3.

V1's Development & Benefits

The project begins with 500 of the V1s. The V1's will have a floor price of .02wETH.
The current Little Ninjaz V1's have been created using an avatar building software, namely SuperMe, that allows ownership of the images created using the software to be used in any way the creator decides. As this is a good way to still be able to customise a collection we choose to use it to jump start the process.
The benefits of the V1's are definitely worth the investment. Each V1 holder will receive a V2 and V3 when they Mint. On top of this we are currently looking at using the V1's as a means of airdropping a percentage of the tokens developed in the DAO to each V1 holder.

V2's Development & Utility

The next stage of development will be 5000 V2's. The V2's will have a floor price of 0.2ETH.
V2's will be 100 male & 100 female 3D poly mesh models, with 400 accessories, created in Unreal Engine to be game ready. The sale of the V2's will fund the development of the NFT game.
The game will start off as a mobile game for iOS and android. The NFT game will also have a market place that allows in game items (NFT's) to be sold in game to other players. The price, minus 2.5% will go to the player, the 2.5% will go into the treasury of the DAO to help continue to generate a flow of income into the treasury.
Each owner of a V2 Little Ninjaz NFT will have a playable character they can use in game that will give them an advantage against other non owners of the V2's. The game will have a base player skin that can be used for non owners of a V2 to play and enjoy the game. Allowing the in game purchases they make to go into the treasury.

V3's Development & Utility

The V3's will be 4D models designed to be used as avatars in the Metaverse. The floor price will be between 1-1.5ETH.
The V3's will be created for deployment into the metaverse. The V3's will be deployable on virtual Metaverse projects. As the current Metaverse projects go the current top choice for Little Ninjaz V3 would be Victoria VR, as it is the most realistic metaverse project to date but as we have some time we will keep a close eye on projects that develop and are running before we mint to see which best suits our project.

Implementation & Creation of the DAO

One of the major aims of the Little Ninjaz NFT project is to help generate a passive income for all who support the project.
The creation of the OlympusDAO fork will begin as soon as we have adequate funds to develop and implement the OlympusDAO fork and create our bonding and staking protocol. Depending on the success of the project this could be at any stage from the game launch to the sale of the V3's.
The treasury will be used to invest in other Blue Chip NFT's as well as Crypto mining riggs and other utilities to help continue to generate income for all involved. All owners/investors in the project will own a fraction of the Blue Chip NFT's that will be priced at a high sale price, if any sell the generated sale revenue will be distributed to all holders.
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