It begins here...

This is where it all begins a detailed road map of the project.
We begin our collection with 500 minted V1 Little Ninjaz NFTs. Using 3 NFT Marketplaces to get the word out. We will mint 50 Little Ninjaz on Curate, 50 on Rarible that will be listed at a reduced cost to help cover gas fees and lastly on OpenSea 400 Little Ninjaz.
They are available here:
Rarible: NFT Marketplace
Little Ninjaz Rarible

Our Community

It will be important during this time to grow the community. We have allowed for the distribution of 100 - 200 promotional giveaways to encourage growth and hype in the project. This project is very much community driven in the beginning stages, because of this the founding members will be rewarded generously for their contribution in the project. There will be extra incentives and gifts for founding members in the project along the way.
The Development team will always be approachable and available on our Discord link below.