Little Ninjaz NFT Project

Our Aim

The aim of Little Ninjaz NFTs is to generate a passive income for all it’s holders/owners by the use of utilities generated and paid for by the revenue of the sales of the Little Ninjaz NFTs.
100% of the revenue generated by the sales of the Little Ninjaz NFTs will be put back into the project. As well as any income generated by future utilities of the project.
The development team will only generate any income from the royalties given from the resale of any Little Ninjaz NFT.
The Little Ninjaz NFT project will be developed in 3 stages or Versions, V1,V2 & V3.
V1 Little Ninjaz are a series of 500 2D images. For everyone who owns a V1 Little Ninjaz including the Custom V1s will receive a free V2 and V3 on release. This is to reward the founding investors in the project. The V1 Little Ninjaz will be mostly listed on the Polygon Network using OpenSea. The floor price will be 0.02wETH.
The V2 Little Ninjaz will be 5000 3D Polymesh models developed on the Unreal Engine platform to allow them to be utilized in the NFT game utility that their sale will fund. The price of the V2s will be 0.15 - 0.2 wETH
The finial V3 Little Ninjaz will be developed as a 4D Avatar developed for deployment into the Metaverse. The V3s will be deployable on virtual Metaverse projects, the price for a V3 will be 1 - 1.5 wETH.
As soon as funding allows from the revenue generated the Little Ninjaz NFT project will develop a DAO using an Olympus DAO fork. This will create a treasury that will hold and invest the projects funds into other DAOs, future utilities, physical Crypto Mining Riggs and Blue Chip NFT investments, which all owners/investors in the project will own a fraction of. This will allow for rewards to be distributed by a staking/bonding paid in daily rebase rewards.
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